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OB Care You Deserve
Whether it is our 3D and 4D Ultrasound services, computerized pregnancy tracking software or the prenatal massage services we offer, we do more to make your pregnancy a wonderfully memorable experience.
24/7 OB Specialist Care
We provide care for a range of pregnant patients from normal to high-risk and either epidural or natural births. This care is enhanced by our onsite high-risk testing center to help keep your healthcare costs affordable. We are proud to be the only OB clinic in Iron County that guarantees 24/7 OB/Gyn specialist care for you and your baby, regardless of when your needs occur.
Prenatal Massage
We understand that pregnancy can at times be challenging for mothers. To help reduce the stress of those pregnancy aches and pains, we offer prenatal massage services to help make your pregnancy more enjoyable.
We Do More!
Because we care about our patients we are always looking for ways to serve you better, including our new lipocavitation services which can help you lose your pregnancy weight faster and get back into those favorite jeans again.
Fertility Care
Perhaps one of the greatest joys of our practice involves helping couples with fertility concerns as they grow their family. We are proud to be the only clinic in Iron County to provide Intrauterine Inseminations as part of our fertility services.
Your Comfort Is Our Goal
Whether you require a yearly exam, birth control or have other female health concerns, our providers are committed to help you with your needs in a compassionate, caring environment. If you prefer to see a female provider, feel free to ask to see our physician's assistant Jacqueline Tully. Your comfort is our goal.
Hot Flashes?
Are hot flashes running your life? We are glad to offer comprehensive menopausal treatment for today's busy woman, including bioidentical hormone therapy for interested patients.
Surgical Services
Whether your surgical needs are big or small, we offer a wide array of cutting edge surgical techniques to help address your healthcare needs while trying to keep your health care costs to a minimum.
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