Pellets –
Post Insertion Instructions
  • No vigorous physical activity for 48 hours following the procedure.
  • You may shower in 24 hours. A dry dressing (with antibiotic ointment) may be applied during
    the day to protect the incision. After the first 24 hours, leave the incision open to air at night.

  • Keep the incision clean and dry.
  • Apply an ice pack for 1-2 hours following the procedure which will help with swelling.
  • Cover the incision with a dry (gauze) dressing for 48 hours, then leave it open to air.
  • Leave the steri-strips (skin tape) on until it begins to curl at the edges. You may remove it in
    5-7 days if it does not loosen up on its own.

  • You may have some mild redness or bruising around the small incision, this is normal.
  • Mild discomfort for up to 72 hours following the procedure is also normal.
  • Infection is very rare. However, if redness and swelling increases after 48 hours you may
    have a minor skin infection or bruising.
    o Apply a warm heating pad twice daily for 10 to 15 minutes or as needed. You may also
    use a warm wash cloth. Call the office for any questions.

  • Remember that conceiving a baby while receiving testosterone therapy may masculinize a
    female fetus. If you are a PRE-MENOPAUSAL female, Continuous use of reliable
    contraception is a must.

  • You should notify your other health care provider(s) that you have the testosterone implants.

  • Fever over 100.4°
  • Severe pain, expanding redness or pus drainage at the site of insertion
  • Skin rash or shortness of breath
  • Any other concerns